M A R I A N C R O S T I C photography



Marian Crostic (born Newport Beach, California) is a Venice Beach-based artist. She is best-known for her photography of landscapes and seascapes.

Having spent much of her life as an aquatic nomad living on boats with her family, Marian is drawn to the calls of the ocean. The smells, textures and endless horizons are her source of inspiration.

Marian made the career change from the fashion world to photography over a decade ago. Turning her creativity from fabrics towards imagery her creative vision started taking shape during her morning walks along Venice Beach.

To this day she continues to capture images of the ocean in a seemingly infinite number of ways. Her work can be viewed at www.mariancrostic.com.



“ The real voyage of discovery, “ says Marcel Proust, “consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” His quote best summarizes my journey on the beaches of Venice, California.

This collection of work started with documenting my daily morning walks and what developed surprised me. When I began reviewing the images, a new story emerged. It was as if the beach, the horizons, and the water were telling me the story of my life.

Sea Change is an abstract vision of the water’s edge connecting liquid and solid. Soft in nature with emphasis on the graphic and non-linear patterns found in nature.

Haunting and meditative the series has taught me the importance of seeing ones own environment with a present, reflective and introspective eye.

The Sea | Sand | Salt series consists of 4 bodies of work all focusing on a different aspect of Venice Beach. This work has been a life lesson for me in terms of how I see and interact with the world around me.

Marian Crostic