M A R I A N C R O S T I C photography



I made a career change to fine art photography after a successful tenure in the world of fashion. The camera was a familiar tool, which I used in my business to document fashion and marketing trends. After closing my business, my focus turned to fine art photography.

My objective on a deeper level was to develop the creative side of my brain. The business and analytical side of my brain was schooled and developed but not the creative side. I enrolled in numerous photography seminars and participated in many photo reviews where I shared my work with gallery directors and photography experts in the field.

I have participated and shown my work in numerous group shows here, South America and Europe. I have published 3 books of which 2 have been awarded Book of the Month honors by A & I publishing.

The past four years my passion for the ocean, beach and endless horizons has dominated my work. I am drawn to solitude and the early pre dawn hours are when I enjoy shooting the most.

The SALT | AIR series, ethereal and tenuous is a body of work that is close to my heart.

Marian Crostic






“ The real voyage of discovery, “ says Marcel Proust, “consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” This quote summarizes my journey documenting the beach in Venice, California.

The collection of work started with documenting my daily morning walks and has developed into a focus around the multiple ways I see and interact with my environment, the beach and the ocean.

 Meditative in nature the series has taught me the importance of seeing ones own environment with a present, reflective and introspective eye.

The SALT | AIR series consists of 4 bodies of work all focusing on a different aspect of Venice Beach. This work has been a life lesson for me in terms of how I see and interact with the world around me.


Marian Crostic